Warlord Comics.

Warlord was a D.C. Thomson comic paper published weekly between 28th September 1974 and 27th September 1986. The comic was dedicated to wartime adventures and was a popular success. Thomson's competitor IPC Magazines tried to create a competative rival, this they called Battle Picture Weekly, in 1975.

Warlord included several stories per issue, initially centered around a character called Lord Peter Flint (Codename: Warlord), a World War II version of popular spy James Bond.

At the end of 1978 Warlord absorbed D. C. Thomson's action comic Bullet.

In total, Warlord ran for twelve years (627 issues), from 1974 until 1986, at which point it was incorporated into the long-running Victor. For the next four years after the comic's demise the publishers produced summer specials, ending in 1990.